Guerilla Software

We started Guerilla Software to help people recover from disastrous software experiences. Software doesn't need to be scary, and we're dedicated to working in an open fashion. Email us to start a conversation and we can explain our philosophy of software to you and start making great products together.


Working with and Google Ideas we've built an online portal that allows activists around the world to connect with people who can help get them heard. Sign up today and see how you can make a difference.



FinTech being the new buzz word on the startup scene, we built WiseAlpha - an innovative online investment platform that allows it's users to invest in the corporate loans of well known British brand name companies. Start investing today!



People making money out of YouTube you say? We helped the biggest UK multichannel network get heard.



Co-founders of Ideally. Ideally private is aimed at businesses, non-profits, charities, think tanks and any other group with an interest in making ideas happen. Ideally public will launch to fill the gap between conversation and action. It enables open communities to make ideas happen by giving individuals the ability to share their thoughts and ideas.


Princess Productions

Website design and build for Princess Productions the producers of awesome shows such as Daily Brunch, The Wright Stuff and The Face.

Princess Productions

Rubicon TV

Website design and build for Rubicon TV the Norwegian production company that brought you the likes of Lilyhammer.


Kudos Film & Television

Website design and build for Kudos Film and Televsion the production company that brought you the likes of Broadchurch, The Hour, Hunted and Law and Order: UK.


The Next Steps

Like anything you've seen? We've done loads more, so be sure to email us to start a conversation.

The Team

Andrew Barrett Co-founder

Has worked in software for over 10 years. Likes Python, Django, Mongo DB, C#, Software Development, Software Strategy.

Aidan Hamade Co-founder

Has worked in software since graduating from Edinburgh university in 2001. Likes JavaScript, Django, HTML5, Postgresql, Solutions Architecture, Agile.


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